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Custom Built Computers
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Custom built computers by CompuCheap. Just click the Systems link to build yours!

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The Story Of CompuCheap

Long, long ago, on a far away world there existed a small band of valiant, yet far outnumbered Computer Warriors (actually, just one Geek) whose mission was a simple one: TO PROVIDE SUPPORT SO PROFOUND, SO MYSTICAL,THAT NO COMPUTER OWNER WOULD EVER AGAIN HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THE FRUSTRATION OF THE "PERPETUAL LOOP" (In olden days, they had "telephone" systems that kept instructing you to "press one" for an eternity. Anthropologists have actually found the skeletal remains of these hapless souls still clutching the "telephone"!)

It was a difficult mission, fraught with peril, for the evil and uncaring Computer Behemoth lurked on every street corner waiting to take advantage of a naive and unsuspecting populace. Yet this band of Warriors, uh, Geek, would not be swayed!

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